Uptown Underground is an independent recording label in Toronto, Ontario. Formerly known as 407 Records, the name changed when we relocated from Ottawa to Toronto and built the Uptown Underground recording studio.

Our mission is to bring you the best in a diverse range of Canadian talent and to build a community of artists and creative professionals in order to bring you outstanding original music.

We are passionate about our artists and what they do and are in the process of building our roster of talent. Check out our demos page to find out how to submit your work to our A & R department.
On June 1, 2011 – Uptown Underground released our first full length title:

Nathan Bishop – lovers, Leavers, and Believers. Lovers, Leavers and Believers reached number 15 on iTunes Canadian Singer/songwriter charts and the sales remain healthy. 

We are currently offering a three month internship at the label. Contact us if you want some valuble experience in the music industry.